Where I ate in Asheville during the 2015 Wine & Food Festival

This was BBF’s first trip to Asheville Wine & Foods Festival. Quick trip. Had lots of great food and drink…honestly, missed all the breweries…will have to make another trip. try these places if you make it to AVL…

Book Exchange and Champagne Bar was the best place after a long drive.

Curate, ate at the bar.  Amazing!!!  Serrano Steak, mushrooms, great service

All Souls Pizza, in true AVL fashion, this place grinds their own flour for the perfect crust.  Garden fresh toppings and locally sourced cured meats (of which they allowed me to sample.)   i felt at home…if it hadn’t stormed I would have sat outside.  Outstanding service.

The Bull & Beggar was within walking distance of the pizza place.  Great cocktails.  Oysters.  Chef even came out to say hello.

Clingman’s Cafe, was perfect breakfast sandwich.  easy in and easy out.

Max Patch Mountain, was actually on my way home–headed toward Knoxville–lots of gravel road.  I was in a 4WD.  made it easier.  It had rained so the Prius’ and the Mini vans were struggling a bit…keep that in mind if you plan to go.  It was not a technical hike but was perfect for me to stretch the legs before the 5 hour drive.  saw a fresh bear track and some steamy Bigfoot scat.

wish i had more time.  if you go use this as a reference 24 hours in Asheville