Father’s Day Gift Guide

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With Mother’s Day and Derby behind us we are on to the next, and this time it’s Father’s Day! Now, this holiday may be a little different because dad might not boast or even give us any sense of what he would want for a gift. Nevertheless, we need to let dad know he rocks and celebrate him even if it’s just for the day.

With the holiday around the corner, we are all scatterbrained on what to give the special man in our lives. How adult are we now… looking up gift guides on the subject, and preparing for this very necessary holiday. Hoping to stumble upon the perfect gift for dad. It’s not easy — what do you give the man who probably has everything he needs and wants and he may even make it pretty clear he needs or wants nothing? But that’s not good enough for you– You want to treat the man. Maybe this post will help make your already busy life a little easier. We have taken the time to identify all different types of Dads and found the perfect gifts we think he will love!

The Coffee Snob Dad

The coffee snob dad. He probably loves a delicious perfectly brewed coffee, as so many of us do. But no, this dad takes it to the next level. Needing to know the exact region his beans came from, would never dilute the freshness with artificial flavors, or he may even go to great lengths to tell the barista the temperature to serve his brew. However, if your father likes to add sweetness to his brew we’ve found this amazing Bourbon Smoked Sugar that would pair perfectly with this gift. The ultra-chic French Press tells dad that you are on his level with his favorite interest. This Tom Dixon copper press can be found on for $216.00

The Boozy Dad

Your dad likes his nightly scotch or bourbon whiskey. He may drink it neat, or he may be a mixologist by night. But one thing he may not know yet is the chilling technology is-ah changing, and we have found some stylish cups he has to try. These cups have an insulated silicone band with a built-in proprietary cooling gel that maintains the cold temperature of your drink for hours. This will help mute the overpowering flavor most common in cask strength whiskey and, unlike melting ice, these cups don’t water down your drink. Go ahead and prove to him you are on top of your cocktail game and treat him to a signature smash drink. Dad will never look at ice the same. You can find these cups at for only $26.00





This year Old Forester® released a brand new line of cocktail provisions that make creating craft cocktails a hobby worth exploring. The Perfect Old Fashioned Syrup is just that, perfect! Simply mix the syrup with bourbon. They created a Salt and Pepper Tincture that is a game changer. Think about it; you season your food –– why not your jalapeno margarita! Grab the provisions as a set or collect them all!




Beer Lovin’ Dad

On the same subject of cool glassware, we found these great handcrafted beer glasses for the beer drinker in the family. Your dad will never want to enjoy a Boilermaker from any other glassware. These glasses are handmade in Knoxville Tennessee by a local glass artist. This gift is perfect for the pretentious beer drinking father, and the company is even named Pretentious Beer and Glass Company. These glasses range anywhere from $30-$60, or you can snag a whole set of 5 for around $176

The Foodie Dad

The foodie dad can be any father that loves to experiment in the kitchen; he loves to go to great restaurants, or maybe even be a cookbook collector of sorts. This man will stop at nothing to learn the latest in food trends and may even know a thing or two about raw eggs over hot rice. Over the years you have rolled your eyes when he brings up dishes like Yakitori, knowing you have no clue what he’s talking about until he explains further. Or maybe he cusses in food code like Shiitake or Fukume’-ni…but today is his day, and so we encourage you to help him find some new brands to add to his endless taste for cuisine. We suggest Bourbon Barrel Foods for this task. He will love that the flavors and spices are handcrafted in the bluegrass state of Kentucky and that all of the spices have been smoked for hours with actual bourbon barrels. The dishes he will come up with using some of these unique flavors will be endless. You will for sure win fathers day with a gift set of spices and recipes ranging anywhere from $30-$90 dollars.




Founder and owner of Bourbon Barrel Foods, Matt Jamie released his debut cookbook called EAT YOUR BOURBON late 2017. If you didn’t already gift your dad this book for Christmas then Father’s Day it should be!

This cookbook is filled with interesting stories from Matt’s journey to becoming America’s only Soy Sauce Microbrewing company and a leader in the gourmet food industry. Plus over 300 beautifully photographed pages filled with delicious recipes.

The Kitchen Savvy Dad

This knife set is sure to upgrade any kitchen. This effortlessly chic set is more than just beautiful these kitchen essentials are made with state of the German art steel. This tool set is perfect for any kitchen job; so if he finds himself merely slicing bread or breaking down chicken parts, he will find these tools useful. Even better they came from his favorite offspring. These beautiful  Zwilling J.A. Henckels Holm Oak Pro Knives range anywhere from 60-150 dollars online.







The Classic Dad

He’s a class act! The man has been there for you through thick and thin. But there is one problem… he has everything and wants nothing. You’ve already tried the giftie-gifts like a bottle of his favorite artisan sauce, or unique barware, and you’ve outgrown the DIY coupon book. This dad may be the hardest because to please him is just to be a good offspring. For him, we urge you to check out Clayton And Crume. They are a small US based leather smith brand hammering out some stylish and unique man stuff. They’ve searched far and wide for the perfect hides to use in the production of each of their products. They source only full-grain leather from the best tanneries on earth and keep the edges raw to show you that there’s have nothing to hide. We have picked out these major cool coasters because they go along with our bourbon these but Clayton and Crume make leather belts, wallets, koozies, bags, even key fobs. Gifts on their site range anywhere from $30 and up.


The Dapper Dad

Yes, there are some extra stylish dads out there, and we have found the perfect gift to spoil him. These bracelets are made in America by Kiel James Patrick. We love the stylish look of the mixed medium. Braided leather is from The Spinnaker Collection combines the practical elegance of traditional knots and whipping techniques utilized by sailmakers for hundreds of years to create a crew of bracelets that vibrantly embodies the simple beauty of maritime ingenuity. A man like this may like wearing the latest in jewelry trends cuff while reading books, sailing, or driving the coast. Either way, we think this trendy bracelet would be a perfect gift for your dapper dad. This piece of man jewelry can be found online at for only $58.





The Funny Guy Dad

Maybe you’ve tried hand poured candles and socks for good ole gag-gift loving dad already, and you’re looking for something new and interactive. We’ve found this cook in our searches and think it’s perfect for the father that loves a thoughtful gift. This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines to describe why your Pops is tops. Complete each line and voilà: you have a uniquely personal gift he’ll read again and again. Make it as tender, silly, or groveling as you choose! You can snag this gift for under $10 at


The Always Grillin’ Dad

 Always behind the grill, Dad is, slapping barbecue on short ribs, grilling veggies, or even when he’s on a diet kick trying out some new vegetarian recipes. We found this amazing grill wood that is made 100% of actual bourbon barrel staves. Bourbon gains its color and flavor from aging in charred oak barrels. During the aging process, the bourbon expands in and out of the barrels, leaving behind a distinct taste. Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood comes from these same barrels that have been soaking up the Bluegrass State’s best bourbon. This wood will add the distinct taste of rich, bourbon-soaked oak to your grilling. But if you’re like us you will want to knock his socks off with something else for the grill, check out the Cuisinart® stuffed burger press it’s the ultimate burger making tool. Easily make snack sized sliders, patties up to three-quarters of a pound, or stuffed burgers for a surprise your guests will love. No matter what burger you are in the mood for, the Cuisinart® Stuffed Burger Press has you covered. The best feature of the burger press is that the press it’s non-stick for easy patty removal. Duo the fantastic grill wood with an impressive burger press and you have the perfect gift set for Dad. I bet he doesn’t even open your brother’s gift because he will be too busy grilling! You can snag the grill wood on for only $14, and the Burger Press can be found at Target for about $15.00