Inside Matt Jamie’s Live-Fire Backyard Grill

Live Fire Grilling Text over a photo of meat and veggies being cooked

As little as a few years ago, live-fire cooking was not a well-known way of preparing foods. Live-fire cooking is thought of as being primitive, or a nostalgic reflection of summer camp. However, wood-fire or live-fire cooking is roaring back in a big way and chefs all over the country are applying this ancient technique to spark creativity. So it’s not too unlikely that our founder and owner, Matt Jamie recently created an open-flamed backyard oasis of his own.

“Discovering new ways and techniques for enjoying food is the perfect way to connect with friends and family. Inspiration has been running high around Bourbon Barrel Foods with the launch of our three new soy sauces, our updated  Monogram Kitchen Studio and the inspiration doesn’t end after the work day is over. When I am inspired to create I want to explore all areas of life, such as traveling with my kids, gardening and cooking with fresh local food. I want to share the excitement with everyone! Cooking over an open flame just feels like summer and makes everything taste so much better.”

The open-fire experience marries complex smoke flavor with the joy of traditional outdoor grilling. The char and burn of the open flame with the rippling smoke from the heat of the wood creates the unmistakable caramelization and taste of outdoor summer grilling.

Matt’s Tips and Tricks:


  • Using a grill to cook live-flame:
    Use a deep barrel grill — the deep barrel shape offers the most space and versatility.
  • Cooking with a cast-iron pan or skillet is a trustworthy way to cook the whole meal on the grill. Cast-iron cookware can withstand the high heat of the flame.
  • Use your personal char preference when cooking meat and vegetables. To control the fire, keep an accessible area off to the side where you can maintain and sustain the flame.

“I’m a bit of a romantic and there’s something
so sexy about cooking over a live flame.” – Matt Jamie