September is Bourbon Heritage Month

Celebrating America’s Spirit – Bourbon, with a dedicated Month.

In recognition of the importance of bourbon to American culture, September has been designated as National Bourbon Heritage Month.

National Bourbon Heritage Month serves as an opportunity to reflect on the many ways in which bourbon has shaped American culture. From its role in the creation of classic cocktails like the Louisville, Kentucky created, Old Fashioned to the Manhattan, to its influence on the music and literature of the American South, bourbon has left an indelible mark on our national identity.

Making the Most of Bourbon Barrels.

Bourbon Barrel Foods has become known for its innovative uses of the bourbon barrel. We age our sauces in the barrel and we also slow smoke our spices with the bourbon barrel stave. The stave is made of oak and it’s been saturated with bourbon for a minimum of 4 years. We don’t fake the flavor! Our process is a natural way to add flavor. The barrel creates a clean, smoky, rich and mellow flavor in all of the products we produce. At Bourbon Barrel Foods we embrace the history and mystique of Kentucky’s Bourbon Country and we’re innovating ways the bourbon barrel makes flavor far beyond the distillery.

The utilization of bourbon barrels by Bourbon Barrel Foods has had a profound impact on the food industry. By repurposing barrels, Bourbon Barrel Foods has innovated a range of unique and flavorful products while also promoting sustainability and upcycling.

Check out how we Bourbon Smoke our spices

Bourbon Barrel Foods - Quote from Matt Jamie on Smoker Growth. Quote - I used to smoked the spices in an alley of of Market Street in Nulu using a very small, dorm room refrigerator sized smoked. Was doing about one hundred pounds a month. End quote.

Bourbon Barrel Foods Visits Old Forester Distillery

Old Forester’s claim to fame as the first bottled bourbon is a significant milestone in the history of bourbon.

Old Forester’s Cocktail Provisions are a collection of bitters and syrups that are specially designed to complement the flavors of Old Forester Bourbons. Launched back in 2018, the Cocktail Provisions collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creating a complete and satisfying drinking experience for bourbon lovers.

Cheers to The World’s Finest Bourbon – Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve is known as the world’s finest bourbon. The Woodford Reserve distillery lines Kentucky’s bourbon country countryside. Guests can visit the distillery and enjoy a tour of what sets Woodford Reserve apart from all other bourbons. The team at Woodford Reserve and Bourbon Barrel Foods developed a line of cocktail enhancements with a variety of bitters and syrups.

Eat Your Bourbon