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Ponzu Kissed Citrus Salad

Ponzu Citrus Salad Recipe Photo

Ponzu Kissed Citrus Salad / Serves 4 / Time: 20 minutes 


3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

4 Tbsp Small Batch Bourbon Ponzu

2 Tbsp Bourbon Barrel Aged Sorghum or local honey 

1 t. Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt

1 t. Bourbon Smoked Citrus Pepper

1 fresh lime, squeezed & seeds removed 

4 fresh whole pieces of citrus fruit* 

1,  5 oz clam shell of arugula or any other heavy green 

1, bunch of fresh asparagus cut into 2 inch pieces

3 T. Bourbon Smoked Sesame Seeds (for garnish) 


  1. In a medium-sized bowl, whisk the olive oil, Small Batch Bourbon Ponzu, Bourbon Barrel Aged Sorghu or local honey, Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt, Bourbon Smoked Citrus Pepper and lime juice for two minutes until incorporated.       

2.   Remove the woody inedible parts of the asparagus by snapping off the root tip off by hand, discarding the root tip. Place the shoots on a cutting board and portion them into thirds, or cut about two inch pieces each with a sharp knife. Place the cut asparagus into the bowl with the ponzu vinaigrette. Set aside at room temperature. 

 3. Trim fruit –– With a serrated knife remove a 1/2 inch portion of the top and bottom of the fruit – the stem and its opposite end. You now have a flat surface to continue to gently peel away the white ‘pith’ with your serrated knife. In long fluid, knife strokes remove the peel by exposing the bright citrus flesh.

4.   Take the perfectly trimmed citrus orbs and cut them horizontally into half inch pieces. Leave them on the cutting board while you plate up the salad. 

5.  Place the arugula on the serving vessel of your choice, next add the citrus fruit slices, the ponzu vinaigrette and asparagus and lastly add a smokey sprinkle of the sesame seeds. Serve immediately.  

*CHEF TIP – There are so many flavorful varieties of citrus fruit to use depending on what time of year it is. An easy way to pick out the most flavorful citrus is to pick them up and smell them! Gently rub your thumb along its outer layer, to stimulate the essential oils in its peel. Now that you’ve woken-up the fruit give it a smell! If it smells good, theres a great chance it will taste great as well. In the culinary world, recipes call for citrus zest which is the outer most layer of the citrus fruit. The zest can easily be removed with a zester or grater and instantly adds bright and sunny flavors to sweet or savory dishes. For this recipe I like to use several different varieties of citrus fruit. ( The image of the recipe contains blood oranges, valencia, cara-cara oranges and mandarins. )

Recipe by Chef In Residence, Loreal Gavin